This book chronicles Gani Fawehinmi’s relentless struggles to invoke the instrumentality of the Law in his crusade for political, social and economic rights for Nigerians..

Chapter Overview

Chapter One: General Introduction

Chapter Two: Epilogue as Prologue

Chapter Three: Distilling the Gani Essence

Chapter Four: Unto Us

Chapter Five: Confronting an Absolutist State

Chapter Six: On the Right to Life

Chapter Seven: On the Right to Liberty

Chapter Eight: On the Right to Fair Hearing

Chapter Nine: On the Right of Workers

Chapter Ten: On the Right of Students

Chapter Eleven: On Press Freedom

Chapter Twelve: On the Right to Democracy and Political Participation

Chapter Thirteen: On Minority Rights

Chapter Fourteen: On the Right to Good Governance

Chapter Fifteen: Gani’s Learned Friends

Chapter Sixteen: Gani’s Publishments

Chapter Seventeen: Conclusion


17 Chapters

310 Pages

This book is not only a skillful chronicle of Gani Fawehinmi’s epic legal and political battles to promote human rights and democracy in Nigeria, but a treasure house of the Law of Human Rights in its widest sense. It is a reminder of the magnitude of Gani’s legacy for the legal  profession and the Nigerian masses.

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