This book documents the legal interventions of the renowned human rights activist and social justice crusader – Femi Falana,. The book adopts a novel style of allowing otherwise complex legal issues to unfold in the context of the human drama from which it emerged.

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1: General Introduction

Chapter 2: A Genie Unloosed

Chapter 3: An Uncommon Client

Chapter 4: The Scourging of Radical Academics

Chapter 5: The Taming of “Unruly Students”

Chapter 6: A Season of Anomie and of Jennifer’s Affairs

Chapter 7: The “Gwagwalada Five”

Chapter 8: “The Ides of June” and Descent into the Abyss

Chapter 9: A Tale of Gallows and Phantom Coups

Chapter 10: Kudirat Falls

Chapter 11: ”Five Fingers of a Leprous Hand” and a Near-Perfect Double Murder

Chapter 12: From Democracy to Governance Ethics

Chapter 13: Foreign Legal Forays



13 Chapters

208 Pages

In the Public Interest is a study of the legal interventions of Femi Falana spanning twenty-five years of active, sometimes combustive, legal practice in the area of human rights, democracy and good governance. Inevitably, his confrontation with the authorities and his travails therefrom provide a backdrop for the legal analysis of his contribution.

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