The bail process and human rights in nigeria

This book draws attention to the subject-matter of Bail, the weakness in the criminal justice system. and the attendant abuses to the right to liberty. The book demonstrates the egregious abuses that continue in the face of the fundamental right to freedom enshrined in the Constitution.

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1. General Introduction

Chapter 2. Legal Framework for Grant of Bail 

Chapter 3. Police Bail Practice

Chapter 4. Court Bail

Chapter 5. Post-Conviction Bail 

Chapter 6. Conclusion and Recommendations


6 Chapters

150 Pages

Society has from time immemorial devised methods and formulated rules for the protection of its membership and their property from both its predatory anti-social members and outsiders. The laws relating to Bail are part of the corpus of such rules.

Bail is a most misunderstood concept. It is a misunderstanding on the part of all concerned in its administration. Bail, simply stated, is the release of a suspect, person on trial or convicted, pending the determination of the case. The method of release is subject to so many rules to ensure the production of such person. The desire to enjoy freedom brings the application of its rules into conflict between the competing claims of those who want to continue to enjoy their freedom without interference from the anti-social behaviour of members of their society. and those the propriety of whose anti-social behaviour has been called into question by the laws of their society.

The right to liberty guaranteed under the Constitution is still enjoyed within the limits permitted by society as enshrined under the various laws of the land and approved by the Constitution which is the fundamental law.

This book is a successful attempt to draw attention to the delicate balance on which one of the most cherished liberties of man continues to survive.

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