professor akin ibidapo-obe

professor of law

For the last 35 years I have dedicated my career as  a Law Professor to educating the next generation of lawyers.

My research interests are African Law, Law and Religion, Human Rights, Criminology and Constitutional Law.


A Synthesis of African Law

This book provides an important analysis of several critical aspects of African traditional law and philosophy – constitutional law, human rights, international law, criminology, criminal justice, jurisprudence and legal philosophy.

GANI: Crusader for Justice

This book chronicles Gani’s relentless struggles to invoke the instrumentality of the Law in his crusade for political, social and economic rights for Nigerians.

Essays on Human Rights Law in Nigeria

This book of essays provides an important record of the contribution of the author in dissecting essential issues that defined human rights in the military, the immediate post-military and the contemporary democratic eras

In the Public Interest

This book documents the legal interventions of the renowned human rights activist and social justice crusader – Femi Falana. The book adopts a novel style of allowing otherwise complex legal issues to unfold in the context of the human drama from which it emerged.

Arbitration in Lagos State: A Synoptic Guide

This book provides a simple and practical guide to the conduct of arbitration in Lagos State

The Bail Process and Human Rights in Nigeria

This book draws attention to the subject-matter of Bail, the weakness in the criminal justice system. and the attendant abuses to the right to liberty. The book demonstrates the egregious abuses that continue in the face of the fundamental right to freedom enshrined in the Constitution.



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